Mists of Pandailya

We have a great episode this week with some serious pandaria news and pro tips!

We celebrate our mini milestone episode with EGO Networks "Kingpin" as well as host of the Horde for Life podcast, Mr. Rich Fisher.

Wanna get exalted with the lorewalkers in an hour or less?  Here's the guide that'll get you there!


We're having another give away!  You could win your choice of a Mists of Pandaria game key or a WoW battle chest which includes Vanilla, BC and WotLK!  Great for recruit a friend!  Got that second account you haven't been able to upgrade yet?  Perfect time for a FREE MoP key.  All you have to do is listen to episode 54 of Horde for Life.  At some point in the show, Rich Fisher will give the Twizzcast buzzword.  Send an e-mail into the show with that buzzword in the title and you're entered into the drawing!  Doesn't get much easier than that!

Again, stick around for the "Average Joe Druid" segment  from Aunaka as well as the "Mega Minute" with Megacode.


"Episode 25 - Mists of Pandailya"