LIVE with Pamela Horton!

This is kind of a milestone episode.  For this week....and from now on....Twizzcast will be LIVE on Thursday nights at 9:00cst!  Come join the chat room, witness amazing videography by Twizz, and if nothing else Twizz is starting to give away prizes like Santa gives away toys!

We cover our weeks in WoW.  Pretty standard stuff.  Reb got exalted with The Golden Lotus, Twig is STILL turning his mage into a beast, and Twizz.....well.....he did the unthinkable.  He's a bear tank, and will always be.  But he must have hit the eggnog too hard because he's got a PVP Resto offspec!  

Our guest host is the lovely miss Pamela Horton!  Pamela has been a huge gamer her whole life.  Much like everyone else, she started out on consoles and has moved onward and upward to all sorts of other genre's.  Currently she's melting face on her feral druid as well as League of Legends.  And when she's not bombing the opposite faction, she's strutting her stuff for Playboy Magazine!  Be sure to vote for her as playmate of the year by clicking here!

We cover some of the blue post news and some of the things that are talked about on Twitter, 5.2, etc.  

Lastly we read e-mails from our awesome listeners!  There is an AWESOME new way for you to get a hold of us!  Go to and click on the orange bubble on the side that says "Leave us a Voicemail on the website!"  You click, you record, it sends it to us to play on the show.  Couldn't be easier!!!!  A HUGE thanks to Rewt of Hearthcast for showing me that widget!

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Episode 34 - LIVE with Pamela Horton!