"September 25th"

It has been announced!  Mists of Pandaria will be arriving and there's a lot of buzz about it.  I'm going to be doing 2 "Aftershock Episodes" the Friday and Saturday after launch.  Who will be the hosts?  Why, any Twisted Empire guildie that wants to be!  You'll hear more in the show!

There's a major change on Twizzcast now.  There is no longer an explicit tag.  You'll hear how it all came about.

I had a last second change as far as the round table goes so I flew solo and covered bear tanking.  Don't forget, if you'd like a 1-85 Bear tanking guide, you can download it from the home page of Twizzcast.com

My special guest this week is Matt!  You know him from WoW Insider and he is also one of the CM's for Enjin web hosting.

You can find his other stuff here:

http://www.worldofmatticus.com - A WoW Healing and Leadership blog
http://www.wowinsider.com - Raid Rx columnist
http://www.plusheal.com - Discussion forum for WoW Healers

As always, a big thank you to Megacode for Episode 4 of the Mega Minute!  Stay tuned at the end of the show for that!

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"Episode 14 - September 25th"