"Warlocks and Alarm Clocks"

This week I thought it was going to be good to be back in my regular studio but not so much!  Technicial difficulties made it rough on the guest host segment as far as sound quality.  I'll have that fixed next episode though!

This episode I discuss the ups and downs to Druid Bear tanking and how it's not so hot in my opinion as of right now.  I also dive into warlocks in a big way!  Rotations and spec information as well as some technique tips to help make you more effective on the DPS meters.  All info was from www.noxxic.com as far as the basic rotation.

A big thanks to Hagu the Pally for writing in and dropping some knowledge on the pet battle system!  Here are the links that were discussed in the show:



A big thanks to Reverand Logan of the Nerdy Directive Podcast for coming on the show to talk some Blue Posts news, read some e-mails and give me an up close and personal introduction...to his alarm clock.

As always, another big thanks goes out to MegaCode for episode 10 of the Mega Minute!

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"Episode 20 - Warlocks and Alarm Clocks"